Deadly Sriracha


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Deadly Sriracha is a collaboration between Fire dragon Chillies in the Far North and Al’s Laboratory from the South.

Fire Dragon Chillies Deadly Chilli Sauce is made from the hottest chillies on earth! This sauce has Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion Morugas & Butch T’s, Bhut and Bih Jolokia with Nagas plus some habanero mixed with roasted red capsicum and subtle other flavours. A rich red coloured chilli sauce that has the flavour and BURN of a classic hot sauce.

Al’s Laboratory’s Black Garlic Sriracha is a fermented hot sauce made of classic Asian ingredients but with the flavour settings turned up to 11.

This unique sauce has the deep fruity flavours of the super hot peppers from the Far North along with the funky profile of a slow fermented sauce from The South.

This collaboration produced only 100 bottles. Most have been sold but a small amount remain.


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